Super Start Batteries For Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Marine & More

Super Start offers high quality batteries with a nationwide warranty and free replacement (up to 3 years depending on the product). Whether needing a Car Battery or Truck Battery, Super Start provides premium quality power solutions to handle even the toughest environments. Find the right battery for your vehicle at your nearby O’Reilly Auto Parts store.

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Super Start Platinum AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries provide more power for starting, electronics and performance demands.
  • Superior resistance to shock and vibration
  • Dual purpose design delivers superior starting and deep cycle service
  • Maximum starting power and charges faster than lead-acid batteries
  • 2x the cycle life to power more electronic devices longer
  • Absorbs shock for superior vibration resistance
  • Spill-proof AGM design eliminates leaks
  • Heavy-duty optimized power plates to prevent life robbing electrical shorts from exposed wire

Super Start Extreme batteries deliver extended life and improved performance under severe operating conditions. Extreme batteries deliver maximum cold cranking power, a huge reserve capacity and feature a heavier grid and plate design to provide maximum starting power and years of trouble-free service.

  • Extra power for extreme weather and temperature conditions
  • Fortified posts, straps & welds resist vibration damage and reinforces overall durability
  • Optimized power paths ensure faster starts from a highly-efficient current path system
  • Maintenance-free design delivers maximum convenience
  • Specifically designed reinforced full frame grids that impedes grid growth and internal shorting for longer life
  • Heavier grid and plate design provides longer life with twice the wire diameter of typical grids
  • Special negative envelope separators reduces short circuiting due to normal plate shredding and growth
  • Added electrolyte reservoir impedes plate dry out for longer maintenance-free life

Super Start Premium batteries are engineered to support the electrical demands of today’s vehicles, providing reliable starting power time and time again in the most demanding climate conditions.
  • Fortified posts, straps & welds resist vibration damage and reinforces overall durability
  • Optimized power paths ensure faster starts from a highly-efficient current path system
Super Start Marine & RV Deep Cycle batteries deliver the long, slow discharge of power necessary to run trolling motors, heavy marine accessory loads and demanding RV power.
  • More fish-finding, trolling and accessory power
  • Built-in protection against deep discharge damage - heavier plates and fiberglass mat resist negative effects of demanding deep cycle use
  • Stainless steel terminals ensure corrosion-resistant connections
  • Reinforced internal design to withstand wave-pounding vibration
Super Start marine batteries are specially designed to combat the unique rigors of marine application. Count on Super Start for a sure start, every time.
  • Powerful enough to bring even the toughest boat engines to life
  • Reinforced internal design to withstand wave-pounding vibration

Super Start lawn and garden batteries are designed to provide reliable, all-season starting power time after time.

  • Big battery performance in a compact size
  • Vibration-resistant design withstands demanding conditions
  • Built tough to eliminate electrical shorts

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Super Start Fleet & Heavy-Duty commercial-grade batteries are built for superior performance and increased cycling in challenging environments. Fleet & Heavy-duty batteries provide longer life, corrosion resistance and up to 70% better electrical flow.

  • Maintenance free vents increase battery life and prevent corrosion
  • Lead alloy straps and anchor bonding increase vibration resistance
  • Integrated folding handles allow easy carrying and installation
  • Impact-resistant case with reinforced end walls for durability
  • Available in 6, 8 and 12 volt group sizes

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Super Start Power Sports batteries are specially designed to withstand vibration and the rigorous demands of Power Sports applications. Power Sports batteries are available in a large selection of group sizes and power levels to satisfy every need.
  • Ready to install
  • Great for long, deep discharges
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof
  • Designed to absorb ground-pounding vibration
  • Available for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, UTVs, personal watercraft and more
Super Start Specialty Batteries
Super Start Specialty
Whether you need a battery to get you through multiple rounds of golf or reliable energy for industrial applications like scissor lifts or floor scrubbers, Super Start specialty batteries are built to provide the deep cycle performance you need.
  • High-density active material and a specially formulated grid alloy that enables battery to withstand the stress of repetitive cycling
  • Heavy-duty plate straps and tight element fit for vibration resistance

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