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What Heating and Cooling Part Do I Need?

Keep your vehicle warm in the winter or cool in the summer with proper heating and cooling equipment for your car, truck, or SUV. At O’Reilly Auto Parts, we carry a wide selection of heating and cooling parts for your repair job, so you can continue driving comfortably, no matter the season. We also carry the cooling system parts you need to prevent engine overheating, repair coolant leaks, and ensure your vehicle operates at the ideal temperature. Whether you need a radiator, water pump, thermostat, blower motor, heater core, blower motor resistor, blend door actuator, or coolant recovery tank, O’Reilly Auto Parts has the heating and cooling system parts you need for a complete repair.

What Heating and Cooling Brand is Best for My Vehicle?

There are several reputable brands for your heating and cooling repairs. Our inventory at O’Reilly Auto Parts consists of only high-quality parts that meet all vehicle standards, including cooling system parts from our in-house brands. From our line of Murray Temperature Control and Murray Heat Transfer heating and cooling parts to trusted brands like Dorman OE Solutions, Motorcraft, TechSmart, and Gates, we carry long-lasting products that will be the perfect fit for your repair.

Heating and Cooling Accessories

When you’re making repairs to your heating and cooling systems, make sure that you have the right tools and accessories for the job. Whether you need antifreeze to top off or refill your vehicle after a repair, or drain and drip pans to remove the old coolant from your car, truck, or SUV. We also carry coolant exchangers and cooling system tools for whatever job you need to complete. Looking for heating and cooling hoses? Check out our Hoses page to help you select the right hose for your project.
In order to run smoothly, your engine needs a variety of heating and cooling parts and accessories. The radiator takes in warm coolant from the engine and lowers the temperature as air passes through its fins and coils. Once cooled, the water pump transfers coolant back into the engine and pressurizes the cooling system. Keeping your vehicle’s engine at optimum temperature is important to avoid engine overheating, as well as for overall engine performance. Engine overheating can cause severe damage. The thermostat inside of the engine controls the flow of coolant from the engine to the radiator when the coolant reaches the appropriate temperature. If the thermostat is stuck closed, it can quickly cause overheating, whereas a thermostat that is stuck open will result in an engine that slowly gets up to operating temperature. The radiator cap acts as a pressure relief valve, and as coolant temperature rises, the pressure inside the system may also become higher than is safe. The radiator cap the vents excess coolant to the coolant reservoir, which collects extra hot coolant before recycling it back into the radiator once it is cooled and pressure is equalized. Your engine isn’t the only thing that uses coolant to control temperatures. The blower motor moves air through the HVAC system by passing it through the A/C evaporator or heater core. The air is then pushed through the vents to provide you with heated or cooled air. The blower motor resistor controls the speed of airflow from the blower motor, while the blend door actuator mixes warm and cool air before it is sent to the vents. Sometimes a repair job isn’t as complicated as replacing an entire part; sometimes, all that is needed is to refill your vehicle’s antifreeze or coolant. For all of your cooling system needs, check out the selection of parts, tools, and accessories at O’Reilly Auto Parts.