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What Kind of Auto Lighting Do I Need?

Your vehicle is equipped with a number of lights to help you see and be seen on the road. Even when your vehicle isn’t in motion, interior bulbs provide light for the inside of your vehicle. From headlights to tail lights, courtesy lights to interior lights, lighting is an important and necessary part of every vehicle. Perhaps the most common association with automotive lighting is your headlights, but there are also tail lights, brake lights, and the lens assemblies that house the bulbs and wiring.

Auto Lighting Brands

When it comes to headlights, bulbs, and assemblies, there are many reputable brands to choose from, and it might be difficult to decide which one is the right fit for you. Check out our selection of car, truck, and SUV automotive lighting brands to find the right fit for your vehicle. O'Reilly Auto Parts proudly carries Sylvania, Anzo, Optronics, TYC, EiKO Lighting, Blazer International, Rugged Ridge, and Dorman. This wide selection of brands carry interior and exterior bulbs and lighting accessories to ensure you find the right solution for your vehicle's lighting needs.

Auto Lighting Tools & Accessories

Sometimes you don’t need a brand new bulb to restore shine your vehicle’s lights. We also carry selections of headlight restoration kits, as well as bulb grease, electrical tape, and electrical tools and testers for your next diagnosis and repair. We have tips on how to tackle a headlight restoration! Check out our video on how to restore headlights.
Over time, bulbs can burn out and need to be replaced. Not only is it unsafe to drive in dark or rainy conditions without working headlights, but failing to have working lights can result in a ticket or a failing grade on a state inspection. Sometimes if there’s a crack, moisture can seep into the assembly and ruin the lighting. If the bulb itself is working but the wiring or assembly has been damaged by an accident or exposure to sunlight or debris, the whole housing may need to be replaced as well for clear visibility. A vehicle’s lighting isn’t just outside of the car however, there are lights inside of the vehicle as well. Most vehicles have interior lights that turn on when the door is opened or by the push of a button to allow the driver or passengers to see. This can be useful when entering the car, or for reading maps or finding items inside the vehicle. Dashboard lights illuminate your vehicle’s gauges or radio or temperature controls. These lights may seem less important than your headlights, but are still a big part of comfortably operating your vehicle. If you’re not sure what kind of bulb you need, browse our selection to find the right fit for your vehicle. We carry a wide selection of traditional and LED light bulbs for your vehicle, including headlight bulbs, mini bulbs, brake light bulbs, turn signal bulbs, fog light bulbs, headlight lens assemblies, and tail light lens assemblies for a variety of vehicles. Find the right fit for your vehicle. Want to tackle the job yourself? Check out our tips in our how to replace your headlight, how to install tail lights, and how to change a headlight assembly videos.